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As we continue to “Assume Control” one Drummer at a time it has become evident that we are definitely on the right path.  The Buzz behind the scenes is creating a major network of Artists that are trusting their sound and control from Intimate gigs at the corner bars to Sold Out Arenas filled 50,000 plus and everything in between.  We will continue to push forward towards a US release and are taking advantage of some global opportunities that have presented themselves in the past weeks.

We are Extremely Thankful to the ever growing Crew of Artists that have “Assumed Control” and look forward to adding more everyday …

Dig It !


Shaun2Justin KierCyrus2Nate6

DT11  drumtacs3 Harry  Rich Redmond 4 Paul Simmons 1Shaun Marc  DT3  SeanWinchesterDT Randolph


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